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I usually don’t share my email since it is out there.  You can find it if you try, I guess.  I don’t like dealing with link requests and stuff like that.  If you have some positive stories and ideas about these shifting times, I would rather discuss it openly so everybody can interact.

A lot of my efforts are on my Google Plus page – here.  Come share links and comment!  The main Earth Spore site is here to comment on, too.  I usually respond to them within a day at most.  This blog serves as a backup and part of my social network.

I also post almost everything I do on my Earth Spore Facebook Page (here).  You can like and subscribe to get updates if that is something you check a lot.

We need to discuss and share new ideas throughout the online community, so don’t be shy!  That is how ideas connect and grow to make a positive impact on society.

Have a good day and think positively, it’s infectious!

Jared Broker (@JaredBroker)


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