Welcome to the Earth Spore Secondary Blog!

My main blog is earthspore.com.  My name is Jared Broker.  I am an independent researcher and blogger who is dedicated to writing about the unification of Earth, which is well under way.

I believe that this is what 2012 is all about.  Any of the fear and doom and gloom sites out there are doing a great disservice to mankind by instilling fear and negativity.  My sites are hopefully a counter to this.

Some of the signs that I see of our coming world peace are that millions of people are undergoing spiritual awakenings, as I have over the past few months.  I am peaceful in the moment and my thinking has never been clearer or more still.

The unification of the physical laws are well under way at The Resonance Project, UFO disclosure is nearing completion as 90% of people believe we are not alone in the Universe, and the masses are uniting in their desire for freedom, peace and justice.

Anyone writing about catastrophic shifts, super volcanoes, WW3, etc., are ill informed, scared, unintelligent, or trying to make money off of you.

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