About Earth Spore and the Golden Age

The Earth and Humanity are Entering an Unprecedented Time of Change and Peace

Hey, I’m Jared Broker.

I have run dozens of sites in the past, but now only focus on Earth Spore.  I starting out doing this to make money, but the technology really got me interested.  I got hooked on learning social media and search engine stuff.

Now I use these powers and knowledge for good instead of evil!  I like to share my ideas and the important stories which show that we are shifting into a Golden Age.

There seems to be a major shift in the masses from a negative perspective towards a positive one in general.  New revelations about the Mayan culture show that they have a positive outlook about the end of 2012.  So, to be scared about these times is ridiculous.

With amazing new sciences about consciousness, energy, and reality, I think this civilization is finally connecting with some Universal truths.

I see the following trends and stories as very positive for our future:

  • The corrupt ways of bankers are coming to light.  The once untouchable big banks are being fined, firing people, having record resignations and are being held to account in general.
  • Massive numbers of revelations about UFOs and ET visits are happening.  The Disclosure Project is about to release their documentary on the subject.  It is called Sirius and it is going to have an explosive amount of evidence,
  • New sciences are appearing and merging.  Ideas around Universal consciousness, sacred geometry, spirituality, and ancient civilizations are connecting with results from scientific experiments.  Humans are learning about our true nature rapidly.

So, since I have some money saved up and like to blog for the sake of it, I am sharing all of these positive stories.  They point to a positive future for us all.

Who knows.  Tomorrow could be the day for open contact with ETs in Universal peace and partnership.  That’s what I am aiming for.  Maybe I am just selfish because I want to fly around in a space ship, though.

Main blog where I write crazy theories is: EarthSpore.com.  I focus quite a bit of energy on my new Google Plus page too.  Click here for that.

Peace, calm, and happiness.

Jared Broker


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